Quick Links (YMTIML)

The Simplest Thing that Could Possibly Work: That’s were I always go wrong ! It’s either the simplest thing that still doesn’t work or the most complex thing possible (which sounds like a general description of java).

MySQL develops new graphical admin tool MySQL Administrator provides all the capabilities of the old command-line tools and adds new features, Urlocker said. Some of the tasks that database administrators can perform with the new console are: server configuration, user administration, database monitoring, backup and restore, and log management...also..– An alliance with JBoss Group LLC to integrate the JBoss application server with MySQL’s database servers, to improve the way the products work together. All in all a very good thing.

From Raible Designs :Coldtags these is a cold fusion devived jsp tag set. Raible mentions the Country tag and the State tag. Looks useful. I’ll have to a let examine the tags they have defined to see if it would save time/effort. The HtmlCalendar bean looks promising.

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