Yet Another Thing For Ian to Understand (YATFITU)

Hibernate Your Data by Davor Cengija. Hibernate can persist any kind of Java object, manipulate a hierarchy of objects, handle collections, and work with transactions. Davor Cengija shows you how.

Quite a good piece. A little SQL 101, show you some things that Can Go Wrong (CGW, happens to me a dozen times a day). I don’t know why I didn’t link this the first time I read it (Blogger fatigue?).

There is also this SQL 201 piece (allways good for reference) The Effective Use of Joins in Select Statements by Satya Komatineni — A join construct helps you effectively use select statements to mine relational databases. This article examines syntax, surprises, and rules of thumb for the use of joins.

And in a related, all things DB theme Ten MySQL Best Practices : 1. Set a password for the “root” user and then rename the user, 2. Hide MySQL from the Internet, 3. Protect the MySQL installation directory from access by other users, 4. Don’t store binary data in MySQL, 5. Stick to ANSI SQL, 6. Create your own sequence generation scheme, 7. Do not mix display code and database code, 8. Normalize with zeal, denormalize sparingly, 9. Use connection pooling in Web servers and application servers, 10. Tune your queries with EXPLAIN SELECT.

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