Primus Canada launches national Internet phone service : Let the Fight begin!

Via the Globe and Mail : Primus Canada launches national Internet phone service. This happened a lot faster than I expected. And it looks like it’s available now at $CAN 20 / month for the basic package. And I noticed this in Coverage :

Customers can get a new phone number or migrate their existing phone number to TalkBroadband™ service in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver. However, any High Speed Internet user in Canada can take advantage of TalkBroadband™ by selecting a new number from one of the markets above.

truly the “Death of Distance”. So what does area code (or country code) mean now?

This is just the beginning of a turf war that’s going to blur the boundaries between Local phone, Long Distance, Cell phone, ISP’s, Cable, Satellite, and Wireless companies. They are all Communication Infrastructure Provides (CIP’s ?), and with IP everywhere the differences that kept them from competing are gone (or going). Pick the one that suits you based on price, service or features.

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