Hong Kong star Anita Mui, 40, dies of cancer

HK star Anita Mui, 40, dies of cancer

HONG KONG : Canto-pop diva Anita Mui, who suffered from cancer of the womb, died early Tuesday morning. She was 40.

According to reports, Mui had earlier slipped into a coma and needed respiratory treatment to help her breathe. Her death was announced by her friends from the Hong Kong entertainment circle, who had rushed to the hospital upon hearing that her condition had worsened.

Earlier this month, there had been speculation that Mui had liver failure, but her manager denied the report.

The singer first confirmed that she was suffering from cancer of the womb at a news conference in September. But she said her condition was stable. She even held a concert in Hong Kong last month. However, earlier this month, she missed an appearance in Singapore, triggering reports that her condition has worsened.

via : channelnewsasia

Far too young….Anita was born Oct 10 1963, making her one day older than me. She started in 1987’s Yin ji kau (a well known HK ghost story, know in english as “Rouge”) with Leslie Cheung who died April 1st 2003. Her sister Ann Mui passed away in 2000 from cancer.

Updated : CNN is now reporting on the story. And in Tuesday mornings Toronto Star (they of the ugly long url’s) reported on her death, above the fold!.

BWG and Flying Chair are now reporting on her passing.

I found on China Daily a photo series of Anita.

Here is here List of Films.

Anita Mui’s funeral has been scheduled for January 12.

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