Inside the Fold: the Mathematics of Origami.

Folding paper cranes or fancy boxes may seem like a quaint and old-fashioned hobby. But paper folding, or origami as it’s more properly called, is serious science. Everything, from the proper loading of the space shuttle’s cargo bay to the best use of materials to make cars, can be improved if we understand how to fold things up. Not to mention the problem of how to get that map refolded and back into the glove compartment. At the forefront of this field of computational origami is Canadian scientist Dr. Erik Demaine, who recently became one of the youngest people to ever win a MacArthur award – known as the genius prize. (Via CBC Radio’s Quirks & Quarks).

Some interesting stuff on the young Doctor’s page, I’m going to stress my poor brain out try to comperhend.

Updated : Professor Tetris , unfolded

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