Saving the Browser

From Saving the Browser via Slashdork : Apparently stunned by the implications of Eolas vs Microsoft, Ray Ozzie of Lotus Notes and Groove fame offers up Notes R3 as prior art for the notorious Eolas patent. To bolster his argument, Ozzie used the Notes R3 feature set to recreate a scenario close to what was described in the patent. After the hard part of putting together a Notes R3 computing environment that included MS-DOS 6.22, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, and a circa-1993 copy of Excel 5.0 obtained from eBay, it only took Ozzie about 15 minutes to knock out a demo without any programming using the out-of-the-box UI of Notes and Excel.”

Oh the ironies of Lotus Notes (and R3 at that) saving the browser, at the hands of which it has suffered so much. I look forward to the browser of 2014 being able to do (badly) what Lotus/Domino R6 can do today!

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