Lotus Notes News Reader v0.3

New release of my R5.x Lotus Notes RSS News Aggregator. Many new features and improvements. I’m finding it very usable, and useful. NNRv.3.zipWhat’s a RSS News Aggregator?

New Features include :

  • An About Document
  • Improved Notes UI (outline, pages, and frameset)
  • includes a link to an action to process all active feeds.
  • Moved RSS Feed processing to a Java library. first attempted using a Java library for new agents got dreaded “Can`t make static reference to method”. successful using Java library (july 23).
  • Created a Agent for reading selected feeds only in the News Feed view. July 22 2003, agent now using Java Library.
  • Reduce duplicate news entries. If a feed is run twice, rather than have 2 duplicate items either update the existing entry or do not create a new document. updating is preferred, in cause they edited the item, but initially just catch it and don’t save a new document for RSS 2.0 use guid field and channel title to do lookup. for other feed types use item title and channel title.
  • Changed News views to show unread marks, so now I can quickly scan for new news items
  • Parse DC:Date and PubDate fields into domino date field, (NewsItemDate). News views use this field or @Created if it’s not available. (or should I use a channel date?)
  • Changed News views to sort on NewsItemDate descending, new view sorted by NewsItemDate first. even easy to scan for what’s new.

So what you think? email : ian@falsepositives.com

Update Dec 22 2003 : Here’s how to get to working with Lotus Notes R6.x

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