Buffy’s Last Stake Loved the final Buffy episod…

Buffy’s Last Stake

Loved the final Buffy episode. Not sure about the cookie dough analogy. (Eat me?? ok!!) Anya faced the killer bunny rabbits. Andrew the DM? The Sunnydale Crater. Spike saw the light. Loved Buffy’s/Joss’s solution. This is Buffy’s legacy: Women who are Chosen, not victims. It’s a world I chose. And the final line as a question to all those sad Buffy fans, to which William Shatner had the best answer. I’ll miss Miss Summers, but it’s been a great run. (Now can we get FireFly back on air?)

Ok, I’ve had my 2 cents. Now I can read the Spoilers and stuff from people with even less of a Life!

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