Anyone for an Japanese Lit Blog?From Scripting New…

Anyone for an Japanese Lit Blog?

From Scripting News : Starting weblogs at universities .

First, know that universities thrive on having their experts visible outside the university… So how do you get your professors on the radar, as acknowledged experts who can communicate to everyday people?

Some High Profile University blogs : Clay Shirky, the Weblogs At Harvard Law experiment, Stanford Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig

And I found this interesting post on Weblogg-ed. So the Professor-torial type bloging seems biggest in the Technology and Law crowd, which makes sense cause they are more likely to be aware of and comfortable with the tools of bloging, and Law and Technology is a heavy churning, rapidly mutating arena.

So why would you blog, if so what would you blog?

Why’s: As a resource to others (students and peers) on your subject area. To become an acknowledged expert, as the adage states ‘publish or perish’, both with and outside your institution.

What’s: Professional Bio and list of past and happening publications. Events in your subject area (even if only of the “I’m not able to go, but…” sort). Class outline and Reading list. New material published by others that relate. Opinons either too initial, too short or too hard to get posted in other media. Gain profile, in order to sell your skill set in settings where you can charge for.

Same reasons and things most of us blog.

Wish I could get my brother-law, distinguished gray beard at University of York,to it give It a go. But given the inertial Conservatism of the tenured, it will likely be his students that try to figure it out and take advantage of the new tool(s). You of the quotes from the Weblogg-ed piece ” Did telephones change Harvard? Yeah. Did TV change Harvard? Yeah–probably.” but how long did it take before it really changes and how many phone and tv’s do they have in the Divinity department (and not the one’s under lock and key!).

As I’ve allways said “The Technology part is not that difficult, It’s the Culture part that’s tough!”

Nope he didn’t take the bait Hint.

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