"The Next Killer App Online" Is Here – And It’s Centrsource

As seen on The Canadian Marketing Association’s (CMA) CMA e-Communicator – June 2004

“The Next Killer App Online” Is Here – And It’s Centrsource

What is CentrSource:

It’s an online utility where consumers can go and respond to virtually any advertisement in their local area, whether its television, print,online or in-store. All at their convenience with total privacy and security. With no intrusive pop-ups or banners.

What it means to Advertisers: CentrSource offers dvertisers permission driven responses that link their online and offline content in a way that is completely complementary – and there are no set up fees or admin fees to use the utility. You only pay when a consumer “raises their hand”. And it takes literally minutes to set up.


Here’s the press release from the CMA Show

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