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Monday, May 03, 2004

Press Release : Marketing “Killer App” Launched at CMA Convention

“Utility” positioned to change the face of Marketing

Ottawa, Ontario, May 3, 2004 The launch of CentrSource signals a new era in marketing, for advertisers, their agencies and the media. Centrsource is a killer app for the $450 billion global advertising industry. It is an integrated on-line utility where customers go to respond to virtually any advertisement, in any medium, anywhere and where they can buy, get information, request samples, enroll, get coupons, or shop. All in a completely secure and permission based environment. And, all at their convenience.

“We are launching CentrSource now because the timing is perfect” says Bob Westrope, President and CEO of CentrSource Corp. “Advertisers have been looking for true holistic approaches to marketing that are accountable, measurable and put the consumer first. With CentrSource, they now have the answer”.

Marty Rothstein, former President & CEO of MacLaren McCann and Vice Chairman of CentrSource says that “I saw the potential of CentrSource early on to meet the needs of sophisticated marketers to answer the question of which markets, with which offers, and in which medium are my marketing dollars most effectively invested? It’s that powerful an ROI tool”.

Strictly Pay-for-Performance

The CentrSource model for the customer is deceptively simple. Using a standardized navigation protocol which is destined to become as familiar as the keystrokes of the Windows operating system, CentrSource provides access and appeal to customers across traditional rural and urban, ethnic, affluence, and education divides – the definition of a utility.

Advertisers, or their media or agency partners can use CentrSource to reach their prospects and customers with an infinite array of offers through a sophisticated yet easy to use commercial application called ResponseExchange. ResponseExchange is web based and so simple to use that offers tailored down to the local trading area level can be created in 5 to 10 minutes. CentrSource will also be providing advertisers and their affiliates with detailed reporting and analysis so they can further refine their customer offers. CentrSource is strictly a pay-for-performance model – the Advertiser’s expenses are completely variable and tied to revenue – commissions are only generated when a consumer takes an action that moves them toward a purchase or makes an actual purchase.
Creates a “Please Call Me” Registry Where Everybody Wins

With over 60 million Americans registered with the ‘Do Not Call’ registry in the United States, the evidence is overwhelming that the consumer is demanding an end to intrusive, unsolicited advertising. With the Canadian market already exposed to an estimated 20 billion advertising exposures per day, CentrSource saw that the opportunity was to provide advertisers, and the media and advertising agencies that serve them, the tools to instantly convert all advertising executions into a consumer-accessible database or directory.

The result, according to Cheryl Young, Strategic Advisor to CentrSource, and a past Chair of the Canadian Marketing Association, is that “we effectively enable the creation of a ‘Please Call Me’ registry where the consumer feels secure enough and safe enough to raise their hand when they see or hear an advertising offer that is relevant to them – when the advertising has worked in other words – and say to us, ‘please serve me in the following manner’. Imagine. Being given permission by the consumer to be contacted with regard to a specific offer, or for that matter, to commence a new relationship.”
”The Holy Grail of Direct Response”

For agencies, CentrSource also has immense appeal. Dwain Jeworski, General Manager of Mason & Geller, a leading direct response agency out of New York says that “CentrSource is a refreshing alternative for our industry. By making all media measurable and giving customers the opportunity to “raise their hands” at their choice, we are moving towards the holy grail of direct response – measurability, precise segmentation, and customers who actually want to hear from you in a place where their privacy is put first. And the pay for lead model based on real consumer interest makes participation virtually “frictionless”.

Westrope says that Canada was selected to lead the world for the Business to Business launch of CentrSource because of the unique marketing environment here. “Canadians have always been on the leading edge of technology adoption, and there is no question we are pioneers in the privacy arena. There is enormous opportunity to gather significant learning and best practices here that we would then roll out to other markets in North America and globally.”

“CentrSource Is To Advertising What Google Is To Search”

Westrope expects to have market leaders in each industry category committed to launching CentrSource by the end of May. Following closely on the Business-to-Business launch of CentrSource will be the consumer brand push in the fall of 2004. “Like Google or eBay, CentrSource will grow exponentially simply by word of mouth, spread by consumers and advertisers. If fact, we often say internally that CentrSource is to Advertising as Google is to Search”.

Launch Exceeded Expectations

“Response to the launch of CentrSource exceeded our expectations” says Westrope. “We engaged dozens of significant advertisers, media and agencies on the trade show floor, with several committing on the spot to register. As business people, and as consumers, virtually everyone ‘got it’, asking the obvious question – “Why would I NOT participate?”. We expect most to register with CentrSource by the end of May”.


CentrSource is a North American Company with approximately $5.0 million, and 6,000+ development days invested in its patents-pending technologies. The angel funder is the Interwood Marketing Group, one of the world's leading Direct Response Television advertisers. Seed funds were provided by Landmark Global Financial, a Toronto-based incubator, in February of 2000, enabling the commencement of technology development.


Robert J. Westrope
President & CEO
CentrSource Corp.
416 515 2930 P

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